Unveiling the Unthinkable: JB Connect's Mind-Bending Content Revolution


In the ever-evolving world of digital entertainment, there's a rising star making waves and redefining the way we consume content. JB Connect, the brainchild of the multi-talented Joel Branham, has recently released its debut episode, signaling the start of an exciting journey into uncharted territories. With a captivating vlog-style format, JB Connect offers viewers a unique glimpse into the extraordinary lifestyle that Joel Branham is pioneering. As an entertainment company with a passion for promoting groundbreaking talent, "Go Live with Kinyo" is thrilled to network and collaborate with JB Connect to bring you the latest and greatest in cutting-edge entertainment.

A Collaborative Effort

JB Connect's inaugural episode not only introduces viewers to Joel Branham's charismatic persona but also highlights his collaboration with Project Forward. This dynamic partnership fuels the creative fire behind JB Connect and sets the stage for a compelling and boundary-pushing content lineup. By joining forces with Project Forward, Joel Branham harnesses the collective expertise and resources of an innovative platform, guaranteeing an unforgettable viewing experience.

An Exclusive Sneak Peek

One scene from JB Connect's premiere episode captured the essence of this groundbreaking endeavor. Joel Branham, alongside global businessman and rapper Mr. Composition, and Kinyo, the visionary owner of "Go Live with Kinyo," were filmed in downtown Los Angeles by the talented actress, chef, and entrepreneur Danielle Victoria. With her unique perspective as part of 5 o'clock productions, Danielle adds a touch of magic to the vlog, elevating it to new heights. This exclusive collaboration between industry professionals promises viewers an authentic and immersive experience like no other.

Looking Forward

The release of JB Connect's first episode is just the beginning of a thrilling content journey. As an audience, we can expect more riveting episodes that delve into the intriguing lifestyle Joel Branham represents. From thought-provoking discussions to behind-the-scenes glimpses of his ambitious ventures, JB Connect will continue to captivate and inspire its viewers.

Collaboration Opportunities

"Go Live with Kinyo" recognizes the immense potential and innovative spirit of JB Connect. As an entertainment company dedicated to promoting groundbreaking talent, we are excited to explore collaboration opportunities with JB Connect. By leveraging our respective networks and platforms, we can bring you exclusive content from JB Connect right here on Project Forward. Stay tuned for exciting announcements and collaborations that will amplify the JB Connect experience.


JB Connect's debut episode marks the beginning of an exciting era in digital entertainment. Joel Branham's visionary approach and partnership with Project Forward set the stage for a content revolution. As "Go Live with Kinyo" embraces this journey, we eagerly anticipate the groundbreaking content that JB Connect will continue to produce. Together, we will push boundaries, spark conversations, and redefine the landscape of entertainment.

Join us as we embark on this thrilling adventure with JB Connect and witness the future of content creation unfold before your eyes.


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